How do I Sell a FSBO quickly?

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I did a full rehab on a foreclosure 3 years ago, and have held it as a rental since. Cash flow has been good, but the Zillow and CMA from a realtor show it has appreciated by 20-25K during that time period, over and above the 2013 ARV. The current lease is ending 12/31, and while I have it relisted as a rental, I haven't approved anyone yet. The home is still in very good/very clean shape and will show very well. So I'm thinking that now may be a good time to monetize my gains by selling to an owner occupant, as they would be willing to pay more than most investors.

I've done one FSBO before and got what I wanted for it, but that was 8 years ago. So in the current market, what are some tips and tricks for getting exposure quickly/testing the market, and hopefully landing a contract during the Christmas buying season (other than paying a broker 6%)?

There's lots of FSBO tips here in the BP forums. Give it 60 days, Zillow, Craigslist, Flat Rate MLS, and weekly open house. Then list it with a realtor. Best of luck.