What would you do with $250,000 cash if you were starting out?

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I'm asking for a friend. He has a W2 non RE job and is sick of the rat race. He has a primary home but wants to dabble in RE.

With your experience, what would you do? Leverage on the cash? BRRR? Buy FC/REO? Thanks!

I'd come on down to Augusta, GA. Buy $250k worth of SFH (just sent a guy one with a 19% COC return), refinance, take the cash and buy more homes, repeat until out of cash.

You could invest in a fair amount of SFH with that money down here.

Your buddy has two options, Take a deep breathe and try to double up in the casino or take a step back and start educating himself on the world of RE.  Asking what would you do is a quick way to get in over your head on an investment.   Spending time on this forum, reading all the basic books and spending countless days of reading then formulating a plan will leave you with an answer on what to do. The last step is to just get after it, start small and test the waters along with your apptitude for the RE world.  

I would invest in the expanding legal cannabis industry real estate market (huge niche) or growing markets where professionals 35 and under are sticking around like South Bend, In.

Leverage 2.5million worth of property. After six months flip or wholesale 2 more properties. Then buy one new rental afterwards.

Kenneth Mooney has the right idea as the rest of everyone on investing your money into rental properties.  I also agree that you should keep reinvesting as Kenneth also said, however once you run out of money you are not broke,  you now have passive income to not only live off of as your rental investments raise in value.  You should not only have enough to live off of but also start paying the first rental purchase off.  You are building wealth not getting rich for the rest of your life as well as your family.  Something you can pass down.  Definitely get educated in the RE business before you start your investing.