SFH in Baltimore, MD set up for 2 units, zoning issue 21214

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Hello everyone, I put an offer in on a short-sale property in the Hamilton area that used to be rented out as 2 units however it does not have an active multi-family registration. I know it is located in a district that requires a conditional use ordinance (Zone R-3) per the new zoning code so I would have to go through the headache of applying with the zoning board. I don't think it would be too much of a hassle to proceed with a loan as a 1 unit and tear out the kitchen appliances in the 2nd unit upstairs (they are gross anyway!) but If I were to rehab the 2nd unit after the fact I would want to do so legally if possible. Keeping it one unit is not the end of the world, I will still get good cash flow but would prefer to have 2.

 I see that there are quite a few properties already on the street that are legally zoned for multi. Do you think that would impede me from getting a multi-unit registration? 

 Should I talk to the neighbors? Any tricks in this area?  It seems to be a problem for a lot of investors from what I have been reading. 

I have already ready these posts and the related resources:



Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Hey Natalie, it appears you've done a ton of research already. Though you're going to cashflow on the one unit by itself, I'd adice you to apply for zoning as 2 is always better than one. 

We're also considering applying for applying for a building close to Patterson Park. So, please do let us know how things pan out. Thanks! - Ola

Thank you everyone for your input. They did respond to my e-mail that it was only zoned for 1 unit. Unfortunately the seller accepted a cash offer so unless something falls through I am out on this property and on the search for the next. The research I did will no doubt be helpful though as it seems this is a pretty common scenario!