How far does a buyers agents local area reach?

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If I am considering looking at real estate an hour from my home, should I connect with a buyers agents in the area that I am considering investing in? That seems more appropriate than using an agent in my area. Thanks!

if you have a real estate agent contact in your area, ask them how familiar they are with the area you'd like to purchase in. If they don't, maybe they know an agent in that area they can refer you to. Real Estate is always local, so it's best to have an expert in that area. Your agent isn't going to be offended, because they will get as referral fee from that sale, and will get paid to do nothing.

It also comes down to who you trust. I get referrals to buyers outside my area all the time. Most times I refer out unless that buyer had a previous bad experience somewhere else. Why do I get referrals out of my area? Because I am straight up, tell it like it is, and my goal is to educate, not sell.