C-PVC Piping for water lines in Phoenix? Replace?

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Have a property I'm flipping in Phoenix, the previous tenants took all the copper piping and replaced them with C-PVC piping. It was leaking from the water heater connection and destroyed a lot of the dry wall with water damage. Being that the area with C-PVC is exposed should I repair the leak and close it back up or replace the C-PVC with an alternative like PEX of copper? Property is in the low end range in Phoenix.

@Hector De Santiago Around me, nobody uses CPVC, but in Florida (where I have family), they love CPVC. I dont like how CPVC can get brittle with age, so I would personally replace with PEX if you had to do repairs and can tie the repairs back to the CPVC adequately. 

You might want to check your local codes in Phoenix to make sure there is no issues with using CPVC, but I doubt any issues.