Bought a 6 unit, do I keep non paying tenants until im ready

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I just bought a 6 unit that need renovation till I put it up for rent. My 1 million dollar question is: There are 3 tenants that still live there(non paying of course). I could pay them out or evict them but since im not ready to start the project(could be ready in 2-3 months-- no money yet), im not sure if its a good idea to kick them out yet. If I kick them out, the place will be empty and that could end up costing me thousands as thieves could easily break in and steal coppers etc in the home......Im an out of state investor(8hrs away) but im here now. Will go back home after closing.

Do I leave them alone for now or try to kick them out and board it up hoping no thieves will break in?

Any advice out there will be appreciated.

What is the procedure for evicting in your state, How long does it usually take to evict.

If you do not know the answers you have more serious worries than thieves damaging the property. You must know your state landlord tenant laws.

Account Closed If you are in Connecticut it may take 2-3 months to get them out anyway depending on circumstances.  I would start the eviction process now if they are not paying.  If they are bad tenants you do not want them around when you start to rent newly renovated units to what you hope will be a better class of tenant.

hello lamy def get them out asap. What I've had a lot of success with is gettin an alarm system to avoid burglars.Use SimpliSafe. It cost like $300 for the equipment. You install your self(it's super easy). And it cost like $14 a month. Then once you completely rehab and stabilize the propert, cancel the service(there's not contract or cancellation fee) and then reuse them again on your next renovation!!

Hi Lamy.  Having gone through many evictions my suggestion to do what you can to pay the tenants outs.  The court process can be tedious.  I have paid for keys, forgiven monies owed, and most recently actually found a tenant a place to live and paid for some of the deposit he needed for the new place. @Michael Noto is correct in suggesting to get better tenants in you'll benefit from extracting the bad ones.  Good luck

Definitely begin communicating with them on their non-payment of rent.  If you think they can catch up then have them sign a payment plan agreement.  If not, or if they break the agreement then begin the eviction process.  For non-payment of rent you can usually get them out in 30-45 days in Bridgeport, CT.  

Sometimes they leave sooner.  Good luck?

Thanks ive got some great answers already. I live in CT but the property is in OH. Its quite a 8hrs drive from home. Im starting to look for contractors already.

As of now, im leaning over 1) talking to them and try to pay them out nice and clean.

2) Buy the alarm system like Mr Luis mention to keep the place safe.