Do you use to find contractors?

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Do you have any experience with hiring contractors locally or out of town with Would you recommend it or do you prefer another site (eg angies lists)


My experience has been that it is extremely hard to find great contractors on the internet. I have several great contractors I have worked with in the Chicago suburbs where I live. They have all come from referrals. The best one doesn't even own a smart phone or a computer. In my out of state property, my partner and I have gone through quite a few tech savvy, but lousy contractors. 

Have you tried asking some other local folks for referrals?

I usually buy forclousures and have not had any luck finding contractors on home advisor to work on my properties. On the other hand, I've used them with great success on my primary residence.

Me and my agents look for vans with latters on them, normally can roll by Lowe's in the morning and find a few. Our pricing is fairly pinned, so we invite them to make a bid, and if they are in scope for pricing, we give them a go. All contractors blowup every few years and you have to go find new ones, so it's good to keep a list, you never know!

@John Warren @Jason D. @Levi T. Sorry for the late reply everyone and thank you for the great input! I guess i'm hoping there will eventually be good wesite that really does a good job of recommending and holding contractors accountable for their work/track record. Its so tiresome starting hunting for good & available contractors for every project. As an Architect, I deal with contractors a lot, but its always like herding cats.

Try yelp or houzz. Both home advisor and Angie's list the contractor has to pay to get your lead which doesn't work for most small construction companies. If you're really desperate you can call supply houses like a plumbing or paint store and see if they will offer up a referral.