Vandalizing and Theft

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We've done about 12 projects and in the past year have dealt with constant theft and vandalizing - condenser being stolen, a whole house of staging furniture being taken, the meter loop of the house  being stolen & causing a host of electrical issues, then a few days later all the wiring being cut and stolen off of the same house.  Doors being kicked in, appliances being stolen.  My friend and mentor has had similar issues -- we've put the condensers in a cage, changed combo codes and locks.  One of the houses took the brunt of this theft and vandalism and resulted in us taking a loss.  It kills our morale - do y'all plan for this, are we the only suckers? How do you plan for this?

You are not the only one.  We had one of ours set on fire earlier in the summer (fortunately we had not yet begun to renovate).

You need to invest in some security for the job site