I need Charleston's best Team South Carolina

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Investors in Charleston SC! I need your input to find the best closing team possible. I have been through this dance a few times and time and time again I am being frustrated by incompetence, failure to close on time, errors in closing disclosures and a few other things. If you have had STELLAR experiences with a closing attorney, a finance guy, a title company etc please let me know what your recommendations are below. Thanks again. If you would like me to let you know who not to use then please PM me. Thanks again! 

John Q Florence is who I use. He is always on his game. 

As for the other stuff...just remember that minor closing delays are part of the game...

@Chris Armstrong I'll echo that John Florence and Mark Weeks are my favorite in town. I normally use John for all of my deals and closings for clients. I have a great mortgage broker that I've used for years. Her team primarily does residential loans, but they can do some investment stuff, as well. It just depends on who you need. Her name is Kelly Phillips and she's with LoanDepot.

@Chris Armstrong you should reach out to Kelly. She's a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac direct lender. They each will lend up to a certain amount of investment property loans. I've been using her for 5 years and she's never dropped the ball on me.