Visiting Perth Australia

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Im a Norwegian Investor that live in Dubai and invest in USA. Im currently on vacation in Perth, Australia and would love to meet up with any fellow BP members! Please contact me if you have availability between today and the 8th of September!

Im hoping to discuss the market in Perth and share my knowledge of the USA markets that Im familiar with!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


G'day Morgan!

Welcome to Australia!  I am in Melbourne unfortunately so wont be able to meet, but do hope you enjoy your stay, Perth is a great part of the country



Hi Morgan,

sorry for the late reply but if your'e still able to, I'd be more than happy to meet up.

My wife is from the USA and we are both involved in property here in Perth and other parts of Australia.



Hey Drew!

Most unfortunate that you are one day too late. Im leaving early tomorrow morning I'm afraid, and I have to spend the rest of the night packing. But Im coming back very soon and would love to meet up then. My wife and I have a house in Vic Park, and we come here about once or twice per year. As we are planning to move here in a few years I'm planning to come visit by myself next time to get more familiar with the city without the little kids running around so much.

But if you have Skype we could always connect that way in the mean time!

Hi Morgan, 

Will definitely be happy to meet up next time your here. I can tell you about a few property investment groups that I'm involved in to help you with your networks and education if your interested. They all meet up once a month and the fee is $20. It seems like the market here is very close to the bottom with talk of sentiment from some investors starting to change and investors from overseas and the eastern states giving Perth more consideration. Hope you had a good trip. Feel free to contact me via bp or skype if thats easier although I don't check skype as often as I should.



Hi Drew

I live in Perth and recently joined BP, but I would love to learn about the Australian market and how to invest in apartments and the way to go about it, it would be great if I can talk to you.

Thanks Richard

Hi Richard, joining bp is a great way to network and learn. I'm happy to chat or catch up. My wife works on major apartment developments all over Australia and would also be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please reply to my contact request to discuss further. 

Regards Drew