Closed First Deal, Ready for more.

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I just closed my first wholesale deal and made a nice profit ($15,000>). I used the double close method from which I used my own funds to make the initial purchase and have the deed transferred into my name, and then executed the subsequent sale to end buyer to make my profit a couple hours later. Owe many thanks to several individuals on BP who took time out of their busy days to give me advice and guidance!

I am now hoping to take things up a notch. I know it is critical to have buyers and sellers lined up and be very organized when opportunity arises. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as real estate software to log properties, organize contacts, keep track of leads etc. ?

I was able to get my hands on a delinquent property tax list along with nuisance (building and property code violation) list...Looking to get organized and find a deal from these lists; 100> properties. Looking for efficiency.

Thanks for any consideration and Help.