Hello BP Members,

Pleased to announce that we bought 2 duplexes this month. It wouldn't have been possible without BiggerPockets's contribution as we have learned and networked tremendously over the last 2 years. 

Special thanks to @Joshua Dorkin and @Brandon Turner for their continuous efforts to provide us a platform where we could learn and network without paying thousands of dollars to gurus. 

BiggerPockets PRO membership is the best investment we have made because the returns are awesome. For example, we bought these 2 duplexes using BiggerPockets calculators and those numbers made total sense to proceed with the purchase. 

So, we bought these two duplexes for $165,000, rents are $725 for each unit, $2900 total, tenants pays for all the utilities except lawn care / snow removal. And the best part is, these duplexes were built in 2011 (see pictures) and they were listed on the mls for $293,000, but we got them for $165,000.

Keep learning and networking!