Knoxville title company that does assignment of contracts ? help!

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I'm a new wholesale investor here in knoxville TN and i started my assignment of contract with Concord title company off of lovell road and long story short they told me they could do it and a week later today ( the day they said the title would be coming back from the search) they tell me that you cant do assignment of contracts in TN. I know this is false but i'm having a hard time finding any in the area , i can only find the ones that double close .. If you know of a company in the knox area that's investor friendly and will do assignment of contracts please let me know id greatly appreciate it ! please help! 

@Diaz Brown - 1st - Go to Admiral Title, Kingston Pike, Knoxville, -  speak with Nancy Weber, Attorney for Admiral, to have her review your contract and assignment agreement. 

2nd - Concord Title is an excellent company and has closed many assignment transactions. So, without knowing anymore, I believe there is some problem either with your contract, the assignment agreement and/or the manner in which you want to close.

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