I know what you are thinking. "Go to the tax assessors office!, or Go to the tax assessors website!"

Well, my county doesn't seem to understand that this information is supposed to be available. (right?) I put the parcel number for my property into the assessors website and the only information it could give me was the name and some sort of assessed value that claims the net assessed value is only $7,600 (It's at least $100,000 if this is based on appraisals like I assume).

Well I went into the assessors office today, thinking surely they can provide me all the information everyone on the internet says I should be able to get from them. Nope. They can only provide me the exact same information.

Is there not supposed to be much more information that I can get from the assessor? Have I just mislead myself or is my county just that unorganized that they don't have their information together?