Questionable Appraisal - what to do?

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Is there anything you can do when you disagree with the appraised value? The area has been in an upward economy for several years now, yet the appraiser is valuing the house LESS than the county assessed value. He is refusing to call a room a bedroom. It has an en suite bathroom, a closet and 2 egresses but he is saying it's not a bedroom because it has an exterior door to a patio area. After he did the appraisal one of his own comps sold again very close to the value we were looking to get and he still stubbornly refuses to re-consider his value based on one of his own comps. He is completely stuck on the price we paid for the house, which we did get a great deal. But a house's value is its value no matter what we paid for it. Any thoughts???

@Jenn A. How long ago did you buy the house? If it was within the last 6 months, and it is still within a similar condition, then your own purchase would be the comp with the highest weight given in the appraisal.