How do you get started as a real estate agent in college?

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I'm currently in my junior year at college 20 years old and am taking my real estate classes online. I want to get started in real estate as soon as possible with all the free time I have at college. The thing is I live in an apartment by my school which is 3 hours away from my hometown which is where I live in the summer. I guess I'm wondering if it would even be possible for me to get started as an agent now Or if I should wait it out until I'm done with school. Thanks!

You will not be able to sell property or represent clients who are buying as an agent until you have passed the exams. You can however find buyers and sellers then put them together for a finders fee without being an agent. Just need to talk to a law student or lawyer about putting together a contract for that.

You can do plenty during college if you plan out your time right. I just got my license a couple months ago and am SUPER busy. As long as you can time manage well, you can make it work.