Can I write my own offer?

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I am currently working with my agent but he is so slow to write an offer in this house for me. I am not sure if he thinks it is a low offer and won't get accepted. Or he doesn't want to waste his time on writing the offer. 

Can I write my offer? And how do I goes about writing that offer? 

You can just give the offer verbally, but better yet, tell your agent to do his or her job if he wants a commission!

You can always fill out a form contract and submit that and if the seller accepts they can just countersign the contract. That's typically what agents will do.

No.  But, only two possible reasons for an agent not writing an offer:

The Agent is not worthy, or

The "Buyer" is not worthy....low ball offers in a decent market, shaky financing, etc.

You have to decide which applies here.

Read your agency agreement. You may be obligated to pay your agent a commission if he/she introduced you to this property. Writing your own offer won't change that.

If your agent is unresponsive to your wishes, voice your concerns. It might be time to sever the relationship.

If the realtor showed the property, he is going to be entitled to his commission, IMO.  

If the realtor is being slow and there is another realtor involved, you can write an offer on just a plain paper or find an old contract and fill in the areas.  

My daughter had a realtor told her that she did not have time to make an offer on an REO, because she was offering such a low ball offer. Of course my daughter was upset and called Dad.

I called a local realtor, he submitted the offer and my daughter owns the home.  Yes we had to jump through some other hoops, but you can get around a slow agent.  

Next time find a different agent.  

If you find the owner on your appraisal site or where ever, you can also send directly to owner.  

When possible I will deal directly with owners and make my own offers.