out of state investing

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Hello all! I am from Southern California and it has been hard coming across a good deal lately. I have been thinking of turning to out of state investing. Specifically Texas. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

If you want to increase your chances of success and reduce the risk of getting ripped off you need to know the area you choose. You need to visit it and get a pulse (similar to what you'd have for your own local area) on what makes that area tick.

Same here @Jancarlo Rulfo I also am looking out of state. Here is my question... Lots of folks on BP crap on the idea of Turn Key, (which I understand the risk), but what's the difference between turn key and having a REA search the MLS for you and hiring a property management company? For those of you who don't like the idea of using a TK company, do you like the idea of an out of state Agent any better?

As someone who has spend the better part of a year researching places to live in Texas, start with Austin. Look at the job and population growth. you won't find a much better market than there. 

Mel, I'm not going to touch on TK properties, but I have used out of state agents before and bought property sight unseen. I found them on biggerpockets and utilized their network in the repair work.