Investing in Utah Rentals

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705 S Redwood Rd UNIT 72. anyone in Utah familiar with this location? House has been up for sale for over two months and i don't know why it hasn't sold. Is anyone familiar with this area?

Also, unit is for sale by a company called Investment Property Group from Irvine, CA. Has anyone bought one of their houses or dealt with them?

Any insight is much appreciated.

705 S. Redwood is a mobile home park called Bonneville Gardens. Not sure about #72. The area is residential bordering on industrial. It is fairly close to the Salt lake International airport, schools and the downtown Salt lake area. The homes around here are in the 1200-1800 sf range, 2-3 BR, 1-2 bathrooms and some have detached garages, but usually a carport. Because of the hot market that Salt Lake is right now, a SFH in this area would sell for $200-$250, and many are very nicely updated. If I were to rate the area, I would say C- or D.

Hope that helps.

@Elijah F. It looks like that listing is only on their website and they are only selling the mobile home. It is in a mobile home court. So if you buy it then you would have an HOA to rent the land. Redwood is a rough road. There are good properties in the area but that seems very very high for a mobile home in that area, granted it is almost new. I would buy it for an investment. I think there are better deals out there.

@Mark Minson and @Eric Gardiner

Thank you both for your input and that information is very helpful. C or D class is not an area I am currently interest in investing, although I am looking into the possibility of buying into a mobile home. But in this case, guess i'll pass on this one. mahalo.