Hold or Fold? Knowing when to Sell

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@David Krulac wow, such a wealth of knowledge! Yes, good reminder that old houses are built to last.  We live in a 1950s property that still has the original HVAC unit and it still works!  These rentals are 1960s houses so perhaps the roof has more life than I'm giving it credit for.  Also appreciate your points on things to consider when deciding what to sell/keep.  Using your criteria, the only negatives with these properties is the distance away from me.  Hmmm...they are looking better to me now

@Brandon Brown   thanks for that reco - I'm going to check out that podcast

@David Song good points - will run numbers taking closing/marketing costs into consideration, hadn't really factored that in

Overall, I'm not seeing any smoking deals in Atlanta so I'm thinking to perhaps hold until we find something 1031 worthy - otherwise the tax hit makes selling costly. Also will take way the staggered sales idea rather than assuming I have to dump everything all at once. I think this soft month and the coming winter (snow on older roofs = no bueno) got me a little jumpy