Tips for a 19 year old real estate agent/investor?

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Hi my name is Isaac and I will soon have my real estate license in the great state of Nebraska! I am also planning to be an investor while I still have the power of time and compounding interest on my side! I am asking for any tips in both fields  as a brand new agent and investor, thanks and have a great day!

As a new investor, I would spend time reading every post on this forum and reflecting on the opinions that people are providing.

When I started as a real estate agent, I found it very useful to team up with a seasoned agent. This taught me a lot that could have taken years to experience, and it allowed me to quickly get in front of clients. Starting as an administrative assistant can be very helpful to some, but it depends on your personality.

I would suggest reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

@Isaac Fox as Mark said read and consume as much as possible. “Rich dad poor dad” is necessary for any investor. Also feel free to PM me with your email and ph #. I have a meetup oct 26th that you should come to. Lots of newer and experienced investors and agents.

Meet and network with as many people as you can you will learn and grow a lot faster, and don't just meet someone for lunch for an hour and never talk to them again continue relationships with those that are where you want to be or have what you want. Add value where you can and truly listen to what they have to say. Good luck man

Hi issac, welcome to bigger pockets!! Do you already know what real estate company you are going to work with? I would shop around and find one with either no or very low agent/office fee. It is a monthly fee that some companies charge for agents to hang their license with them. Also look to team up with an experience agent, when I started out as an agent I showed houses and did open houses for agents for cash. I learned a lot that way and when I had my own clients I felt knowledgeable and confident! As far as real estate investing I agree with everyone else’s post read and absorb all the knowledge you can. Bigger pockets forums and start reading books! Good luck on your new adventure!

In both endeavors you need to engage in as many conversations as you can. The best ROI I have found is to hand out your business card one-at-a-time as fast as you can. Once people meet and have a conversation with you, they are more apt to refer, and that is what you need to succeed.

The best books I have found are those that focus on giving and sharing with people in your circle of influence, The Go Giver, etc. 

The more that you do with and for others, the more that you will see efforts back to you in return. It takes a while to get started, though once the ball starts rolling, with a little work, it just keeps rolling. i.e. In the last 2 years I have spent equal amounts on direct mail, CPC, and my circle of influence (COI) and the return from my COI has resulted in 75% of my income.  

Everyone is looking for the "secret" to get more deals, but there is no such thing. Just do what you can to get your name out there and have conversations.