Living overseas investing in America

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I'm currently living overseas, though I'm an American who grew up in America. I have done some long-term investing and currently own three units that are fully managed and currently cashflowing.  

I'm looking to do more investing in the US and am willing to hire out all of the work on the ground (my dad is willing to sign for me as a POA for closings). I was wondering if anybody had ideas of solid real estate strategies for someone who isn't there in person.

Hello Mark,

Great question.  I am also temporarily oversees because my husband has a long term freelance project in Europe.  We are not sure how long we will be here but we are hoping that the project will be done in 6 to 9 months.  I have also been trying to wrap my head around what type of investing makes sense for me while I am here so I will definitely be interested in any suggestions people might have.

Here are my thoughts.  I will be doing some marketing to find deals.  My marketing focus is on networking with the community (professionals, nonprofit, family and friends, etc). I want to talk to anyone and everyone to see if there is a problem that I can help to solve. It might take longer to get in the game but I am hoping that it will be worth it.  I am in it for the long game.  Once the deals start coming in then I will either wholesale them to other investors or try to create partnerships in order to help me complete the deal.  I am trying to network as much as possible to create those partnerships.  

Good luck to you and I look forward to hearing any other ideas people have on this issue.