What contract do you recommend for signing deals - Phoenix, AZ

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Hi, I'm curious what contract those of you out there recommend for signing deals. In the past I signed up a small handful of deals and for all of them I used a contract I got through a RE investor course. I liked it because it was intentionally simple and it was written with investor buyers in mind. But I can't find the original or the CD I had with the file, so I thought I'd see what resources others signing deals have been using.

We just use the AAR purchase contract, since my wife is licensed. If that's an option for you, your title company should have a form you can use. The form basically gives title instructions for the transaction, and is signed by both buyer and seller. This works fine for smooth transactions, but won't cover you if anything goes wrong. There's a reason realtor purchase contracts are 10 pages, and they usually address the common issues that can arise.