Buying and House Hacking in Colorado

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Hey guys! I am planning on moving to the Woodland Park/Colorado Springs area in the next 10 months or so. I have no clue what the markets are like out there, but want to possibly get in. I may end up doing a house hack being that I would be new to the area. Any thoughts, advice and help would be wonderful. I notice that homes are priced pretty high in this area, so it may be challenging to get started. 

Thanks in advance for your help. You all rock!

@Garrett Hicks Woodland Park is a fairly small community which can be limiting but if you are open to Colorado Springs then I would use the search feature and set up some keyword alerts and start the learning. Much is posted here and it can help you drill down to specific questions.

@Garrett Hicks the search is the little magnifying glass symbol in the very top right corner of the page. You type in what you want to search for so it's not a "set up" type of thing. The key word alert accessed via the bell symbol in the same are. Select "manage alerts" and you will get to input what you want.