LLC for AirBnB vacation Rental Management

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Looking to get some insight on how to start a start-up LLC for a vacation rental management company? What type of licensing, permits, insurances, and any building leasing special requirements?
What a regular business license work? What type of insurance is a must? Thank you in advance?

Arthur Voskanyan

Sounds like someone would make billions for starting a start-up or opening a LLC with AirBnB, or just offering a competitive rate proving vacational rental management agency??

Arthur Voskanyan

Licensing and permitting is subject to your local municipality. Check your local government's website and/or google search short term rental laws.

You don't necessarily need insurance, but it's good for your owners to have short-term rental insurance. There are a number of them that provide specifically for Airbnb. 

@Myka is right. Just start doing it! Adding an LLC adds legitimacy, but is not a must.