Down PMT on multi-family

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Hello - I am a 22 year 2017 college graduate. I am currently employed but am seeking passive income in 2018. I am curious, from the various experiences of those reading this, how much should be put down on a first multi-family investment property. I want it to be owner occupied for obvious interest rate benefits - but am not sure exactly how much I should be saving. With the understanding that the potential investment (if it is intact a good investment) will pay its own mortgage and some, I do not want to be putting more money down than I need. On the other hand I do not want to be at risk for going upside down should local/national market conditions take a drastic turn. I currently have ~$6k between cash and stock market investments and am saving about $1.5k - $2k a month going forward. Thoughts and experiences?

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Will Driscoll

New Hampshire 

@Will Driscoll , reverse engineer the down payment, closing, rehab cost, etc.. by identifying a property that you are interested in purchasing with target cash-flow / ROI and use the rental calculator to determine the necessary funds.