I tracked down a house that is going to be in Probate (if the son can get it together!) in Wake County North Carolina. Specifically Apex, NC outside of Raleigh. The son lives in Florida and can't come up  to NC any longer because he doesn't have any money. His sister is a drug addict and currently he doesn't know where she is. Mom died about 1 month ago. She had about 40-50K in Credit Card Debt. 180K owed on the MTG and house is worth about 230K as-is.  He doesn't think its worth it to bring in an Attorney to finalize the estate and take it through probate so I can buy it.  Today he mentioned it may be worth letting it go to Foreclosure.


I wanted to know if when going through Probate in NC if the Credit Card companies collect or generally not.  If not, does anyone have an attorney that would go through this process for them and get paid at the end? If so, whats that process look like and does the attorney help in having them NOT collect.  Or does anyone have an idea of how I can pay for the attorney and be sure we actually get to buy it where the sellers get some money at the end?