Everyone is doing it

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I've been renting a property since 2008.  Started renting another in 2016.  Working on a couple others.

About 3-4 years ago, one of my neighbors who knew we rented bought their own townhouse to rent.

In the past year, my father-in-law bought two different rental properties.

My MIL (they are divorced) and her husband are looking to buy a rental property now.

My neighbor in the last week mentioned they are now buying a condo to rent.

When this many people in your circle of acquaintances jump into being landlords, is this a good sign or bad?

Bad in that a bubble is maybe being created 

or good in that people who associate with me are assimilating to what I'm doing?

(The idea that people you spend time with you start to do the same things as them)


I think that you're influencing the people around you.

I dont think that so many people are now investing in real estate and becoming landlords. I talk to people every day who still don't know what the difference between an investor and an agent is.