Pre-Foreclosure / multiple grantees on deed

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I have come across a 15 acre piece of land in my home area that Im looking to purchase.  It has an abandoned house on the property and is located on county land just outside of town.  The deed has multiple grantees listed each with 1/5 ownership and the last deed was executed in 1993.  The name listed on the land with the county is verified deceased in 2005.  There are back taxes owed 3 years now and the county has sent a pre-foreclosure letter out to the PO box associated with the land.   The mailing address for the land is a PO Box and I'm thinking that is a dead end but have sent a letter anyways.  I'm fairly sure that the other 4 people on the deed are deceased as well but have not been able to verify this information.  I've asked the other owners around the property and they do not know what is going on with this property. Ive also mailed out letters to the land owners surrounding the property I was not able to personally talk to.    Where do I go from here?  I would like to find an heir somewhere before the county gets their hands on this land so I could get a better deal.  Any ideas?