Kansas City Rental Market

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Hi Everyone,

I recently moved to the KC area and I am looking to start investing in the area. This is a pretty general questions and any answers will be beneficial. I have been looking into Johnson county which is pretty expensive compared to the rents you get, but I am assuming it's not too risky because of the higher quality of tenant. I have also been looking into Independence and Raytown. Both a little cheaper and a better rent to price ratio, however I mainly want to know about the tenant base there. If anyone owns property there, how long does it generally take to get a quality tenant in place? Final area is anything north of the river maybe liberty area? Any comments about that area? Again thank you for any words of wisdom.

Hi @Drew Kimminau

I looked at Kansas city real estate rental market 2 years ago and it was pretty promising and properties are appreciating well. I ended up investing in Indianapolis IN because it's better cash flow.

The only reason I'm commenting on your post is that I want to clarify that A class neighborhoods generally attract A class tenant but A class tenants are pain in the butt!! They are very picky and tend to complain more than C/B tenants.

I invest for cash flow so my bread and better is C class. I love it! Remember that if there is a market crash coming soon, A properties will be the most affected because A tenants are high paid employees so they will be the first to get laid off!

Even during the worst crash, you will always need a postman, a Walmart cashier, a barber, etc. Those hard working people have stable jobs so they are likely to maintain their income during bad economics.