90 day challenge accepted and completed!!

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So I’ve always wanted to get “into” REI just like so many others. This last 6 months I’ve been really digging deep into it along with running my self employed small business and family time. One day I was listening to the BP podcast and Brandon had mentioned a “90 day challenge”, I’m not sure why but it just clicked and I HAD to take it on! So I did. Later that week my wife and I went down to Aberdeen Washington to look at a few multi family properties but they just didn’t work. The next week I ended up driving to eastern Washington for opening weekend of deer hunting and said “what the heck may as well drive to spokane I’m halfway there...” so I did found a few houses I liked..... anyways we made an offer on a duplex on my 30 birthday they accepted it and today the deal is done! We got the keys! (PM got them) House needs some work but all in all we are happy with the deal. Now for the next one..... I’ve been looking all over the same neighborhood online wanting to buy another. Thank you! Levi McDaniel

Congrats! What area of Spokane did you purchase? I went to high school in Spokane and was back out there this past summer. Lots of areas have grown and lots of areas haven’t changed at all.

Thanks! It is in the Emerson Garfield area. I seen quite a few houses being updated so I figured it may be on the rise. A long with a bit of research of course.

Thats awesome! Congrats! I also got active after listening to that webinar. Hoping to invest in a turnkey OOS.

@Levi McDaniel , What is left to say other than Congrats and welcome to the wild world of REI. Since you mentioned that you hunt in Eastern Washington, I have to ask, where do you hunt exactly? We obviously have a lot of folks from the West side come over for hunting, however, there are a lot of places to hunt over here. Well, once again Congrats, if you are ever over in the Walla Walla Washington area let me know! Here is to wishing you nothing but GR8 success in your future REI ventures!

Congrats Levi!

I too was attempting the 90 day challenge. My goal was the same, to invest in my first home. My BRRR strategy changed upon finding a flip property using a local realtor. We made our first offer being 7,000$ short of full asking price of a bank owned property and they came back at full price. It was hard to walk away from the offer, but I was very confident that more opportunities will arise. I'm kind of glad the offer wasn't accepted though. After the offer was made, the "oh sh*t I have no idea what I'm doing" moment occurred, and I started to panic. Our home appraisal for our HELOC should be ready any day now too, which it wasn't ready at the time we made the offer. We did force ourselves (My wife and I), do think about things we never thought about before. It was definitely a learning experience, and some motivation was lost after the counter-offer, but I am keeping my head in the game.

@Devin Patrick McCauley there will always be more deals! I can’t tell you how many I’ve looked at over the last year, ran numbers and then froze when it came time to make an offer. For the same “oh.....” factor of not knowing what I’m getting into or worried they would not accept the offer. Keep watching that property maybe they will drop the price below your offer... it is a bank and it is the end of the year. I’ve seen crazier things happen!