Building a Team in Seattle...Need a lawyer!

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Looking for a great real estate lawyer in the Seattle-area that can help me with purchase and sale, asset protection, LLC, etc. for out of state SFR and eventual multifamily investing. Anyone connections or suggestions?

McFerran Law in Tacoma has been recommended to me by several different people that I have a lot of respect for and know their stuff. I haven't personally used them, but based on what I've heard I wouldn't hesitate to.

You may want to consider establishing a Series LLC through Nevada/Texas/Delaware and then using that LLC in Washington. A local attorney may have heard or know of how to do it, but it's 100% legitimate to form an LLC in one state and use it in another.

@Barry Je It might be better to consult an attorney in the state that you are looking to purchase properties in.

If it's a rental, I prefer to create the LLC where the property is located. If it's a flip, then I just create the entity here in WA and then register it to do business in other states.

But as always, consult an attorney.

@Scott Hildebrand is a good real estate attorney in our state.