Multifamily Investments in Oklahoma City

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Hello Everyone, My wife and I are looking to start purchasing multifamily properties in the Oklahoma City area, and we’re looking for some recommendations to build a solid team there. Specifically, we’re looking for real estate agents and property managers to get started. We’re out of state, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

@Wougi Heap of Birds, I’m open to all of the above. I’m still standing on sidelines, waiting to get in the game so I haven’t really utilized any of these strategies yet. I hoping to use them all soon tho.

I have worked with Key Reality for the last 2 years. They have done everything I've asked and expected. Give Karyn Seabrooke a call! They have a great team here in OKC. I cant post her number for some reason here :'(


For duplexes and single family homes, I would recommend Sterling Property Management. I have worked with them in a different capacity and they are very professional. I currently manage my small portfolio by myself, but will most likely be looking for a good manager soon. All the best!