vacant land due dilligence

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Hi everyone, I'm working on my first vacant land parcel deal and wanted to ask if anyone had suggestions for due diligence items I may not be thinking of. my to do list currently includes: confirm zoning title survey environmental confirm no easements anything I'm missing? Thanks for the help!

this is highly regional..

so basic on line info is just general in nature and should not be relied on in any fashion.

title search will handle most of the easement and encumbrances of record issues.

really depends on if your buying land that has ALL public services.

or is it in the boonies. ?

so once you describe in a little detail what your trying to buy and WHERE it is maybe local folks can chim in on what you should be looking for.

but a good start is always at the county.

1. planning department  make sure it zoned for what you want to do.

2. public works make sure you have or what the utls situation is.

3. Tax assessor  you can glean general info there.