Agent in Indianapolis area willing to take on a newbie?

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Hey, all! I’m a new investor from Washington State looking to buy a buy and hold in the Indianapolis area. I’ve been studying and saving for a while now, and I’m ready to start moving towards my first rental. Anyone have any suggestions for an patient agent in the Indy area that would be willing to help me learn the ropes. Thanks!

Hi Phil,

Newbie here as well.  Sorry to jump on your post but I would like to follow it as I am looking into the Indy area for first time investment property.  Actually hoping to move to IN from IL to be close to the first investment property with the outlook that there will also be personal savings as the cost of living is much cheaper and will allow for more $s to be saved for additional properties. 

Best wishes to you and hope both you and I are able to find the right realtor partnership to help us grow!



Our investment brokerage offers investor agents who would be excited to help both of you.  Please feel free to direct message me if you would like to be contacted and I will connect you. 

Millie, Agreed on finding the right connections! 

I hope through time to build the right dream team for mutual success between all parties.  

Thank you Millie & Joel for the contact information and openness to help!  There are still some ties to finish up in IL so getting into the Indy market is still a future plan at the moment but do know I will reach out for more information as I move future along the path to start making actual moves.