Pros and cons of purchasing a coop- would you or wouldn’t your

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Hey guys was wondering what your thoughts were, considering purchasing a unit in Florida(different then my last post ) , it however, is part of a coop. I am looking to purchase and rent. it is a beach front property. Priced very attractively, 100k less than a regular CONDO. Condos in Florida seem to be the whit elephant, they are looked down upon. I am from New York where coops are very common. I Don’t know if a coop is a bad investment or not.

They usually come with a big monthly nut, they are hard to lease because often the board has to approve every move you make. In a coop you don't actually own any real property, just an interest in a corporation. It's not a form of ownership I am too fond of because of the extreme oversight and ability for the board to do anything they please, but if the deal is right, money talks!