How to find comps without MLS account

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How can I get comps, both sale and rent comps, for single and MF properties without having access to MLS? and without being a real estate agent. Any recommendation is highly appreciated. Than you

The prices homes sell for are public data and you wouldn't need MLS data for that. You can get that info from Zillow,, Redfin, etc. If you're looking for rent data, Rentometer seems to be pretty close in my area. You can also just check active listings on Craigslist or Zillow and see how much properties/units are renting for in your target area.

@Hassan Oukacha The rent prices will likely be easier than the sale prices. You can’t really “lowball” rent offers so I’ll posit the advertisement matches up with the actual lease terms. However, with Texas being a non-disclosure state, data around sales prices gets a little weird. I’m not exactly sure how much you can trust much more than the list price. Odds are most good agents will know what stuff actually trades for but I’m not sure how to verify it.

The above replies are incorrect. Texas is a non-disclosure state. Sales prices are not public information and not available online, except through MLS.

If you go to the appraisal district website, you will find the county's appraised value of the home, which rarely reflects the actual market value of the home. 

Zillow and Trulia are unreliable for the same reason. They don't have the actual sales data. It's just an estimate.

For rentals, it depends on the type of rental. MLS is pretty good for single family comps because most people list their home with a Realtor. For apartments, especially larger complexes, not so much. Those apartment complexes usually have an in-office leasing staff and don't use a Realtor.

When I'm trying to price an apartment, I'll go to MLS first and pull those comps. Then I'll go to and pull up similar available rentals in the area. That will give me a ballpark figure for what similar apartments are renting for in the area.

Hi @Hassan Oukacha - Being from Texas you would need to either get your real estate license or use an online service like or - both are brokerage websites that offer true MLS sold comps for you.

Full disclosure I am the co-founder of, but there are other sources like investway that I mentioned.