Asbestos Sidings! Should I buy it?

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Originally posted by @Rex Harris :
I found a 3 unit home, but the seller said it has asbestos sidings. As a new investor, what are my risk?, or should I simply stay away from this?

You can get a quote to find out how much for remove and replace with updated siding. As long as asbestos isn’t disturbed it should not cause harm or be an issue - from what I’m told by the experts but it’s also a case by case and the current condition. You can also use that as a negotiating tool for a low price. A 3 unit -  that sq ft is a lot to replace - get a company to give an estimate of replacing - they should be free estimates. They are in my area.   

@Rex Harris   Asbestos is only harmful when it's messed with, broken, and being disturbed. Tons of buildings have asbestos flooring/siding, and other components. If it is in good condition, it can last a very long time. If the property you are looking at has areas where it is deteriorated, that may be an issue, but, overall - it's not a deal breaker in my opinion.

Asbestos siding last forever and 1 day .  It causes me no concern what so ever .  Its only a problem if you hit it with a saw or grinder .  If it were a major problem lots of people would be in trouble .Most houses built in the 1960's and 70's have it .