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Does anybody have experience using skipgenie / for skip tracing service? I’ve been looking for something and have come across lexus/nexus, TLO, and skip genie. 

I have not used Skip Genie before.  Lexus Nexus I just cancelled my account, too pricey and not satisfied with the results.  TLO is the best in my opinion both in price and results.  They pull their data from the credit bureau's.  In my opinion this gives them a slight advantage as everyone else is basically mining core logic/black knight data.  This is what I've come to understand through speaking to reps.    

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@JT Crownover   

I have never used skipleader or skipgenie.  I am not saying they cannot be complete as TLO.  I would never negatively comment about a company or service I myself have not used.  They may be much better than TLO.  I was just saying that TLO has been the best service I have used and that it is my understanding they pull their data from sources that many companies may not have access to.    

@JT Crownover @Andrew Michael TLO is a product of Transunion credit bureau which ranks 3rd out of the 3 credit bureaus.  Since more companies report to Experian and Equifax they receive updated information more frequently.  I'm not saying TLO is not a good product as I have never used it.  But take a look at your Credit Karma profile and I will bet Transunion is reporting on fewer accounts.  Companies like Lexis Nexis purchase credit header information from all three bureas (and many other places) and therefore have a more complete picture of the subject IMO.  Another problem with TLO is that it is hard to get approved for an account and if you do get approved it is too expensive for most to pay on a monthly basis.  This is where the companies mentioned above come in.  Premium data that is easy on the pockets!

We've been using TLO and I'm very impressed!  Simple user interface, and you can drill down as far as you want to go.  Can't comment on the other sites, but I'm happy we have TLO.

Good luck.

I’ve used TLO for years. It’s very cheap for the amount of data you get.

Their data is not only derived by their credit reporting business. It’s a completely separate entity that aggregates data from hundreds of sources.

Their inspection of my home office was reasonable and the background/financial checks was also very painless.

Also, it is VERY hard to get NL without a private detective license or being a member of the BAR.

They offer you a free conference call and web overview. Take them up on it.

@Tony Battle awesome information on where they pull their info.  I am sure you are correct but I ran the exact same lists against each other and the output for TLO always seemed to be better.  That being said, my sample pool in the main scheme of things is pretty small (probably 15k customer pulls or so).  

Also its funny our differences with pricing and qualifying.  TLO was extremely easy for me to qualify for and I had no monthly costs, I was on a per pull basis.  Perhaps I was grandfathered in or something?  LexusNexus was far more expensive for our account.  

I suppose its all about account reps and what terms you work out with them?  Not sure, either way thanks for the info.  

 Thanks everyone for all of the information. It’s really helping me identify services I want to look into. I really need accurate information but also want the best deal possible. I think I will probably start with TLO.   And then compare to LEXIS NEXIS