Looking to connect with Jacksonville agents

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I'm looking for an agent or several in JAX to start sending me property. Basically I want the MLS under 300k. Single family, multifamily, etc.

Looking for a couple of reasons: 

1. My parents are looking to move to JAX. They have a Realtor but she doesn't seem to have experience working with investor types. And she may not be a very good agent. They're looking to rent @ first and then likely BUY something in Avondale, Riverside, Ortega, maybe Springfield, or elsewhere. They're also interested in some multi-unit properties. What do you have in those areas? Nothing flooded/previously flooded. Are there other places they should be considering? They need a 2-car garage or the ability to build one.

2. We live in IL but want to start investing down south. We own some multifamily here but are curious about opportunities elsewhere, better returns, lower taxes, etc, etc etc. What's going on down there these days? Up and coming neighborhoods?

Hey Emily,
I was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois. Lived there the majority of my life. My mother (Sherry Pittman) is/was a broker-owner and still holds her license and my father (Mike Pittman) is a developer for 20+ years. They developed the entire Eastview Estates (SFH) out by JC Pennys, a commercial strip center on 11th & Cook, multiple state leased office buildings, and a slew of other projects. I am an agent in Houston, TX now but I am still familiar with the city and my parents are deeply rooted on the Real Estate happenings in that area. Would love to connect and share any information that you need. Shoot me a PM
Also, there’s about 3 or 4 other people on here who have Springfield connections that could point you in the right direction as well.

Hi @Emily M. , I am an investor and a licensed Realtor in the Jacksonville area. It would be my pleasure to help. Feel free to PM me or reach out directly anytime if you’d like to discuss the market here. 

@Michael Pittman looks like you can't read. Reading is pretty important for real estate development. I'm looking for agents in Jacksonville, in neighborhoods like Springfield. Which is a neighborhood in....you guessed it. Jacksonville. Why on earth would anyone want to buy property in IL, much less in among the most economically depressed places in the state?

@Rich Stancato , I messaged you! Thanks.

Maybe you’re unaware of the geography of Illinois. There is a Jacksonville right next to Springfield, Illinois. In fact it is so close, that they carry the same area code.
Or maybe you are unaware that there are multiple cities named Jacksonville across the US.
What’s even more astounding is that “Jacksonville” and “Springfield” are both in Illinois.
“Reading” is just as important in RE development as “clarification” and “effective communication”.

@Michael Pittman , JAX = Jacksonville. 

There's an airport and everything.... that's where the call letters come from. I can't help it if you're an idiot.

@Emily M. No need to be so rude, @Michael Pittman probably go the same email I did about this thread: 

Keyword Alert

If you want people to help you, perhaps you should allow for a misunderstanding during communications and just roll with it. 

A simple, "Oh, I meant Jacksonville, FL" would have been a much better response, showing civility and care for other members here on BP. 

After reading your replies here, I would not want to do business with you and I assume that is true of others. 

Lets keep it civil, shall we?

@Jody Powell , nobody cares. I'm looking for opportunities in Jacksonville, FL, and mentioned a ton of neighborhoods in Jacksonville, FL, not some podunk town in IL. This is not rocket science. Anyone an agent in Jacksonville FL please PM me. Thanks.

@Emily M. Wow, doubling down on the rudeness and name-calling--interesting approach to making business connections. Good luck with that--you are going to need it. 

@Jody Powell yes that’s exactly what happened with the alerts! Oh well. Glad I’m not the only one who saw this.
Thanks Jody!

Hey @Emily M.

Those are all great neighborhoods in Jacksonville with beautiful homes and Riverside has some great multifamily buildings. The returns in Riverside are a bit lower than other areas but the property values are stronger because of the desirability of Riverside. 

It's hard to recommend more neighborhoods without truly understanding what they want. It sounds like they want to rent at first to understand what area they like and then purchase. 

Feel free to reach out if you need some help I can point you in the right direction or refer you to someone who can help if I can't. 

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