How do YOU set your day up for success??

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Good morning BP!

So how do you do it? What’s your recipe for daily success? Are you an early riser? Yoga? Breakfast first?

It takes so long for most of us to figure out our optimum morning routine. Mine is pretty simple but effective for me.

Wake 4am Prepare coffee

Then I sit! Usually on the couch. No lights, no TV, no phone. I sit there and reflect with no distractions. (I feel it’s so important!)

Then, BEEEEP! The coffee is done within 15 minutes- my mental session is over and I can pour myself a cup of that liquid sunshine.

Now it’s time to line up my day and address the pressing emails for my deals.

Opens the MacBook, greetings by 150 emails of various urgency’s or the desperate ramblings of a Prince in Ghana who wants to send me his money.

Takes me about 30 minutes to get through the emails and address loan files, set up follow ups and move deals forward.

It’s amazing what 30 minutes of absolute focus (and a cup of your favorite joe) can accomplish.

The rest of my day can be focused on talking with clients and getting through funding processes.

    What about you? How do you set up your day to be the most productive?

    @Kevin Dureiko great topic, and really starting to feel how getting a great morning can impact your entire day. I'm on a 3 week streak of getting up around 5, and then:

    - headspace app (10 mins of meditation)

    - Physical therapy exercises for my bum shoulder while I make coffee

    - Goal of making at least 1 post on BP every morning (32 day streak as of today!)

    - Write down my 3 big things to do that day

    - 30-60 mins GMAT prep

    - Depending on the morning, either go to the gym or start doing whatever has to get done that day

    This is a trial and error thing for most folks. I found I don't like but need structure. Do enjoy meditation, answering emails, making my to-do list. Each morning as I sip coffee. I find I get up between 330 -430 am. Best time of the day to think. 8am-10am Run/ work out is a must. Yet I got in this business to enjoy free time and family time. So I don't think I stick to a schedule daily. More created habits I stick to and go with.



    My day starts at 4 am and I’m at the gym by 5 am. On the way I listen to an audio book which offers plenty of motivation for the rest of the day. I’m in the office by 7 am and ready to go. Maintained this schedule for over a year. It is now a habit actually as I don’t even think about it.


    I like what @James E. is doing. From reading books and listening to podcast it seems highly success people wake up and do three things: get their mind right (meditation or listen to a podcast or book), get their body right (physical exercise to wake up and get blood flowing), and get focused on the top tasks they want to accomplish that day. Good luck!

    @Kevin Dureiko , nice to read about your thinking session while the coffee is making!  I frequently do that in the mornings and haven't heard of anyone else doing the same until now.  I get up at 5 something most mornings, and I'll sometimes sit for up to an hour while drinking a few cups of coffee in the dark, just thinking about things... mentally turning over plans and examining ideas in a free-form manner.

    More commonly I hear people talk about prayer/meditation in the mornings.. and I do that too, but I feel like I get a big benefit just from unstructured rumination.  It's not really a brainstorming session or anything, but once I think through the same plans enough times and get to know them like the back of my hand; I feel like I can actualize them much easier when the time actually comes to take action... recognize opportunities sooner, pull the trigger faster and with more confidence, etc.  Kind of like the brain version of going through a sport's motion enough times for it to get stored into subconscious muscle memory.

    These are all good suggestions.  My morning routine is taking about 1 hour now.  

    Personally I like to start the coffee, and grab a water and stretch (I'm old now and I can be stiff sometimes).    Then I do deep breaths and think about what I'm grateful for a few minutes.   Then I like to visualize my goals for a bit, followed by mentally going over the most important tasks for that day.   

    Then I read at least a few pages, if not a chapter of a mindset type of book, before I get into my emails or telephone for the day.  Currently reading the 8th Habit by Steven Covey.  

    Exercise comes later in the day for me, because I do that with my kids.  But maybe some day I'll add that into my morning routines as well.

    Great post. I’m a SAHM mom so my mornings are a little different. But I still have found a routine with trial and error that works for me. I get up about 6am, make coffee and hot water. I usually sit for about 20ish minutes with my coffee to wake up while reading Bigger Pockets. I then have an hour and a half to do the morning chores and get my kids ready for school, then I workout. If my husband is home to help I can get to my workout sooner and the start of my “work” day is sooner, which is about 9-10am. When driving or doing menial tasks around the house I’m always listening to BP podcasts. I read every night. I barely watch tv, if ever. I would cancel my Directv if my husband didn’t need sports :). I’m learning everything I can about this business and ready to grow my portfolio.

    @Kevin Dureiko
    I read the miracle morning and follow that process, 20 Min of meditation, exercise and reading

    My morning routine actually starts at 10pm. At 10pm before bed I make a brain dump of everything I need to do that I can think of. I do this in the Trello app. 

    That morning I wake up at 6am, get my coffee and prioritize that list using the A, B, C method and then do some light exercise and shower. 

    By about 6:45am I check the ETFs and stocks I am invested in and possibly buy into one of the stocks I have, if the price is lower than usual for the day.

    I then pick my audio book or video learning on a topic and take it with me in the car for my hour commute into work. If I feel very low energy, then I will use high energy music to bring me up and go back to the lesson.

    This is not every day as sometimes the week just kicks my ads and I sleep in until 10am on weekends, but this helps me a lot to stay on

    I'm up at 3:30am.  Get out of bed, shower, shave, hit the gym for at least an hour (two if I can).  I go from there.

    This is only successful if you also go to bed at 7pm and make sleep a priority.  Everything in between will fall into place if you do both.

    I get up, eat, coffee and go to work. Drive and hard work are the key to success. If I don't feel like working I could meditate, exercise, radio, TV, read etc. What this all boils down to is waking up. Any other activities only serve as procrastination.

    Once you actually begin to organise your days work load and begin your work day that is when you actually set yourself up for success. Everything else is personal time.

    @Kevin Dureiko What an awesome post. 

    • Wake up without an alarm around 5am - 6am (works for me-my baby never fails me 😃) 
    • Drink Chinese Oolong green tea
    • Write down my goals 29 times
    • Post on BP (while Instagram tries to distract me)
    • Try to go for a 3-mile walk (silence, grateful thoughts or inspiration music|never ever watch/listen to the news in the morning)

    Start my day! 

    I like the idea of writing down my goals every day, as I feel like it resets/reminds my brain on what to focus on or care about for the day. 

    Hope this helps someone. Goodluck. Thanks! - Ola

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