Typical Broker-Agent Commission Splits for Hard Money Companies?

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What is the Typical Broker-Agent Commission Splits for Hard Money Companies ?

For regular real estate companies, agents typically make at least 50-50, and up to 90, even 100% commissions with some Brokerages ?

Do you work with a Hard Money Lending Company ? What is your commission split ?

In Los Angeles in my experience, the agent cannot legally split the loan commission, any more than the lender can split the selling or Listing agent's commission.   It is a whole different thing than a RE Broker paying/splitting the commission with one of the Broker's Agents.  The lender makes his or her money on a commission basis just like the agent does, and each one plays a role.  A referral or marketing fee is possible sometimes.  Check with a RE broker or the BRE so you don't get into trouble.  

If the buyer wants to pay an additional fee to you for setting up a lender, that is between you and them.  But if I as  hard money lender or broker make my living doing a loan, why would I want to give up all my commission anyway?  It would not be worth doing the loan.

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broker and LO under their broker 65/35 to start is common