What are you paying for cabinets?

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Curious to hear from those of you who are both flipping and rehab/renting properties as to what sort of price ranges you are targeting for kitchen cabinets?

I haven't had to buy cabinets yet for any of my properties and would appreciate any guidance you could provide on what a good price is for you on white, finished, cabinets?

$2000-4000 have been where I have spent. Just did a white Shaker kitchen, with a dark grey island, 36" uppers, light rail, crown, two fridge panels, soft close doors and drawers and paid just under $3400. I had to build them but it took about a day or so.

In addition to flipping houses myself I also have a cabinet dealership and provide cabinets to other flippers.

Generally most flippers spend between $2,000 - $4,000 depending on the size of the kitchen. The cabinets that we sell for house flips are typically white or gray painted shaker doors. For average priced houses there is really no reason to spend more than that.