Books about investing in medium-sized mutlifamily

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I'm having a very difficult time finding a useful book that discusses finding & evaluating medium-sized multifamily properties.  So many are geared toward single family.   I've owned a 4-plex for nearly 20 years and want to take the next step.  I'm also looking to go out of state, so a book that touches on that would be a major bonus.  Any recommendations?

I know my reply to this is quite late but the principles of finding and evaluating mid-sized apartments are going to be the same as for small or larger apartments but your management with mid-sized buildings is what will be different. The best books I've read about commercial real estate include "The Best Real Estate Syndication Book Ever by Joe Fairless" and "The Real Book of Real Estate by Robert Kiyosaki" Even if you're not trying to syndicate anything, read the first one because it'll teach you a ton about buying commercial sized properties. And as for distance investing, check out "Long Distance Real Estate Investing by David Greene" It's a really good book sort of focused around SFRs but the same principles exist with multifamily.