FHA Asbestos safe for child

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I purchased a old home under FHA 203K and it was approved but I found out that the whole siding is wrapped in asbestos shingles and that the Radon level in the basement is 30 psi which makes it only 10 psi on the 1st floor. My reason to purchasing this property was to live in a bigger house with our 10 month old child and now I'm afraid to move in due to the radon level and the asbestos. Contractors are there to fix the foundation of the home and peeling paint of the window sills... The HUD inspector said I could live there during construction but no way I could with a child and wife due to all the work they are doing. Electricians are telling me that the building shouldn't even be occupied to all the hazardous wires. The lender basically told me I wouldn't need a home inspector if I already had a bank hud inspector go out there. The hud inspector was supposed to check 3 times and now they are telling me the contract was changed last minute, so that they aren't checking but just giving the loan. I want to make sure I am living in a safe place, this is why I even hired a HUD inspector.

1. Can I avoid living there for the 1st year if it's deemed hazardous for my 10 month old child? Asbestos wrapped and high radon level. Is there a way around it? I would just like to rent it out at this point and not live there, if its unsafe for my child 

2. Your thoughts in my situation? 

I feel like the loan was just pushed through because they had issues with appraisals coming through and it was pushed, I was told that there would be 3 inspections and draws and now there is no inspection and the bank just will give the money, I was told that the FHA hud counselor will be the same as doing a regular home inspection, I even looked up the mortgage company after and they had bad reviews which I was not aware of and I paid for services that I am not getting. My fault is not reading the fine print but I have email documentation of of what was said. Is it illegal for me not to live there because it hazardous for my child?

@Sabina Hasan

The asbestos siding is not a problem unless you are drilling or cutting it (making it friable) ... it is also one of the easiest asbestos products to either abate (aka: remove) or encapsulate (cover with insulation and new siding ... though this does not remove the risk of exposure if holes are being drilled through the new and old siding.

I'd be more concerned about the electrical and radon.   The electrical could be a messy and, possibly, expensive fix.   Handling high levels of radon is generally pricey and messy.

Are you indicating you have a radon level of 30 pCi/L?  In your country, anything over 4-5 PCi/L usually comes with a recommendation to vent the radon to the atmosphere external to the building envelope.  30 PCi/L would present a high risk factor towards developing {lung} cancer {particularly among smokers}.

You bought an old house. It has old house issues. Asbestos,lead, wiring, and radon. asbestos siding is fine if it isnt being disturbed. Radon, install a mitigation system if needed. Wiring redo it before occupying. Lead- painting should be done with good lead practices and buy a Hepa shop vac even if you hire it out. Occupying during construction is always a risk ( how quick can a kid climb a ladder or get into the paint or other supplies). Only you can judge what is right for you family but you also cannot rent it out during construction so that is not a way out. Me, I would plan the work and decide when to stay and when to go.