Becoming a Part Time Real Estate Agent

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I've been a quiet observer on Bigger Pockets for a long while, and I am a huge fan and have learned a ton. I'm 26 and own two investment properties with hopes of acquiring more in the coming years. I've been obsessed with Real Estate for about the past 4 years and have consistently debated whether or not I should get my Realtors license and sell homes on a part time basis. I know that there are multiple opinions on this subject, and I've read over many of those forms. My question is a little different than simply should I get my real estate license.

I work full-time right now and make pretty good money. I don't feel comfortable leaving my day job to jump into being a full-time realtor. I do, however, want to sell homes on the side. I'm wondering if others do this and are successful selling maybe 5-10 homes a year (which would be my goal). How many homes do you sell on a part time basis? How do you acquire no clients? Is it difficult swinging both jobs? Are brokers ok with having part-time agents? Any other advice or tips?

I think there could be many benefits to getting my license even for my own personal investing. Please let me know what you think!

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@Matt Hendrickson , re agents work in a super competitive space, so part time is gonna be very difficult...unless you have access to a large group of people you can network in person, like your church group or similar tight knit group that will support you. It will absolutely help your investing efforts but also not free, obtaining, keeping  a licence plus possibly fees to be with a broker