crowdfunding real estate.

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Wanted to get BP advice on crowd funding. A friend of mine showed me different examples of how to invest with minimal risk. I know it yields small profit depending on the investment. I just wanted to see if any of you have tried this type of investing even if it's for another stream of income. Let me know your thoughts!

@Farris Roach III ,  I have a significant piece of my net worth in Crowdfunding/syndication deals. They definitely are a legitimate source of income.  However, they are not just  conservative low yielding deals ( even though that’s what I generally invest in). You can also find more aggressive deals where you might see double or triple your money projections in a fairly short time.  You can invest in either equity or debt. You can invest in residential or commercial, and any sub class. The advantage is that you can get into a much larger property for a smaller amount of money because you are pulling it with others. You were also getting a passive investment and professional management. The downside is that you have to be able to vet and trust another person to manage your money on your behalf, which not everyone is willing/able to do. 

@Farris Roach III something to consider but if you have less than 100k liquid I would take a step back and research what Grant Cardone advises young hustlers to do when they don't have a large pile of cash yet.  Further; if you're not well educated on underwriting deals and sponsors you ARE taking more risk than you realize. A fool and his money are soon parted. All the best dawg!