Do you guys buy title insurance?

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Yes, buy it.  I had a Title company perform a search and certify there were no liens on the property.  About 6 months later, I get a bill from the water department.  Called the title company and they took care of it.  9 months later I received a certified letter from the city about how they are billing me for mowing the lawn (prior to the date I purchased it)...title insurance company took care of it.  If it's available, I'd recommend it - no different than any other type of insurance.

@Alec McGinn

Title Insurance is another creature comfort for which we (in Canada) can thank our neighbours to the south.   It's a fairly recent (last 1.5 decades) item in Canada and has now become pervasive and all but replaced *real* diligence from your attorney ... at a fraction of the price.

Many/Most lenders are apt to insist you secure title insurance to cover their exposure ... whether you purchase the complementary coverage for yourself is {still} discretionary.

When we {cash} purchase a property that we know is a complete "gut" and rehab, we may not bother with title insurance unless there are indicators of potential title issues.