WWYD? Make contact or leave it to the agent

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Do you contact homeowners directly if you've found the property on the MLS/sites like redfin, zillow, etc. or do you leave it to the assigned agent? And if you do make contact, how?

So I've found a property that I'm interested in. It's a multiunit and all of the units are currently occupied. The asking price is a bit above where I want it to be, but I've consulted with my RE agent and am waiting on her response. In the meantime, I've researched the area (I'm currently out of the country so I cannot do a tour) via craigslist, crime stats, schools, etc. and I'm still liking what I see. I visited the county assessors site where I found the owners name. I googled the owner and I believe I've found his LinkedIn but feel like a creep reaching out because CLEARLY I've just done a lot to find him...This is my first time doing this so maybe that is why I'm feeling this way? Would it be ok to reach out? What do you do?

You said the price was a bit high and you’re waiting on your agent... I’m assuming you mean your own buyer’s agent and not the listing agent. Is he/she working on comps? Is she waiting for the other agent to respond?
If you contact the owner, they’ll probably tell you to talk to their agent... that’s part of what agents are hired for: to field inquiries.
I understand your excitement and impatience, but let your agent do the job you asked her to do. If you feel like it’s taking longer than it should, talk to her.. stay in front of her so she knows you’re serious. Or, if she’s totally slacking and you don’t trust that she’s working in your best interest, then find another one if you haven’t signed anything exclusive with her. If you have, then talk to her broker or supervisor. You and your agent should be a team, and you need an ally you can trust, especially being out of country.