Agent for companies with relocating employees - Houston TX

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I have this idea of representing employees of big corporations like Shell, Weatherford, etc, that are relocating to the Houston area, I want those sales! Essentially be A point of contact for the company and/or the employees that are moving to the area, even if I'm not the ONLY point of contact. I know I am not reinventing the wheel here, I am sure this has been done by someone somewhere but I cant find any ideas on how I should move forward. Should I make a proposal to send over? Just cold call to the companies I want to target? I could just start randomly trying to get the right people on the phone and I am willing to do that but I just looking for ideas and/suggestions to play off of. Any thoughts?

Maybe start with the extended stay hotels and other companies that specialize in short term corporate housing, they might be able to point you in the right direction

I was relocated here ten years ago.  Trying to remember the name of the relocation firm that the company used.  Paragon I believe.  And hey look at this, their HQ is in DFW.